Vehicle Paintwork Scratch Repairs

If your vehicle has suffered damage in the form of a scratch to the paintwork, it’s not only annoying but will also affect the value of your vehicle. Not only that, but a scratch also that’s bad enough can worsen over time, becoming rusty and really unsightly. If you don’t get your scratch repaired straight away, you risk the problem getting worse.

Scratch and Dent Smart Repairs offer a mobile car scratch repair service, direct to your door. Unlike bigger companies, we don’t charge the earth and our workmanship is second to none. We can either complete the work at your home, place of work, or at our premises, whichever suits you. Your paintwork repair will be done whilst you’re working, watching TV or whatever else you’re doing, it’s really convenient.

Why Choose Us

Before doing any work, we will always provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for your paintwork repair.

Our service means you avoid the high cost of taking your car to a Bodyshop, not to mention the inconvenience of leaving it with them for days whilst you wait for the scratch repair to be completed.