Dent Repairs

Dent Repairs

Accidents happen and dents are one of the most common problems which occur in minor accidents. Getting your dent repaired used to be a long-winded, expensive process. However, Scratch and Dent Mobile Smart Repairs use the latest SMART technology and techniques to provide mobile dent repairs in Johannesburg and surrounding areas.

When and where we repair your dent or dents is completely up to you. It could be on your driveway at home, in a garage, public car park or even at your place of work. This makes our service really convenient and causes minimal disruption to your day.

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Our car dent removal service can rectify most minor dents, like car dings and round dents that have been caused by the car being hit by small objects. These objects can bend or scratch the car body, cutting into the paint and damaging the metal below. From side panel to bumper, no matter where the dent is, we are on hand to get your car as good as new in no time.

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